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Aerial Imagery Basemap not being exported to PDF

Question asked by twoodfield_DawoodGIS on May 21, 2018

I am using MapLogic to create mapbooks of a segment of roadway in ArcMap 10.6. The mapbook is 9 pages long at 22x34. When I export the entire mapbook to pdf through the Maplogic Toolbar or use the Export Map function, some pages are exported without the basemap. Pages with the basemap are between 15,00 KB and 20,000 KB while with the incorrectly exported pdfs are about 425 KB. When exporting with the basemap turned off, the pdfs are around 300 KB so there is a difference between the basemap being turned off and turned on but not exporting. It will say drawing imagery tiles in the bottom left but only very quickly and then complete.


When a coworker opens the MXD and exports both ways, every page comes out fine. This problem also happens with other formats like tiff and jpg. The basemap will export at very low dpi settings. Is there just a setting or something that I need to clear out? Seems like a stupid problem that would be easily fixed.



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