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Replication does not create Geometric Network

Question asked by necroshine on May 21, 2018

Hello there,

we have recently been trying some replication scenarios to understand better what really lies on ESRI replication structure. 


First, we created a source database (parent-oracle) and then target database (child-SQL server). We created a dataset which includes a geometric network and make the dataset 'registered as versioned'. We also set the replication (One Way, Full, allowing SDE to copy all the parent data to child replica db). Here is my concern : but it does not copy my geometric network structure to child database.

Here is my question:

  1.  Does ESRI support geoetric network in child replicas? (See atachment)
  2. Does xxx_JUCTIONS  table , which is created automatically after building geometric network automatically move to child in one of ESRI's replica scenarios?
  3. Do i have put GLOBALID field to xxx_JUNTIONS table?