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Cannot publish the same .csv by two users to hosting Site

Question asked by Szymon.Piskula_WoodMacOnline on May 20, 2018



We have ArcGIS Enterprise set up with a Hosting site. When user A publishes a .csv (say SalesJan2018.csv) file as a hosted layer all works good: new item is registered in Portal, new service gets registered in hosting site. All good.


Situation changes when user B tries to publish the same SalesJan2018.csv under the same name to their Content. They never had that file in their content, they never registered any service under such name. After picking the file from user's drive following error can be seen:



This somehow seems to match this issue:

Overwrite Web Layer with Arcpy (ArcGIS Pro) 


The issue goes away if service is renamed to say 'SalesJan2018_b'.


What i suspect is that since all hosted services are thrown into the same  '/Hosted' services directory on ArcGIS Server Hosting site a naming conflict occurs even though these items have different owners and are to be kept in different Portal folders.


Is the above behaviour correct or is there a setup problem on our side? The error I captured above is a bit rough and not very informative to an inexperienced Portal user.


For large organisations having 1000+ Portal users such name conflicts arent unlikely to happen I would say.