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Processing Seintinel-2 Level2a data in ArcGIS Pro Mosaic Dataset

Question asked by ea.geomatics.admin on May 18, 2018
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I'm trying to create a mosaic data from Sentinel2, Level 2A data in ArcGIS Pro, however I am getting an error: "2018-05-18T10:01:03.316: Error: 8004205f: No new mosaic dataset item was added" (see attached image) when adding rasters to the dataset.


According to the ESRI documentation ArcGIS supports Level 1c and 2a products: Satellite sensor raster types—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


Data was downloaded from the scihub copernicus website: 


I have successfully managed to process the same Sentinel2 tile for a level 1c product downloaded from the same scihub website using the same mosaic dataset settings without any issues.


Has anyone else had success with creating a mosaic dataset from sentinel2, level 2a product downloaded from the scihub website?


Many Thanks