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SyncDirection Not Honored

Question asked by chad.yoder@nwg on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by chad.yoder@nwg

I'm seeing an issue where the sync direction is not honored.  For example, I make some edits in an offline geodatabase, and then sync, but with a Download sync direction.  In this case, my local edits appear on the server.  And, on the other hand, if I do an Update sync direction, I still get changes from the server into my local geodatabase.


The code is pretty simple:


//Generate the sync task and parameters
var gdbSyncTask = await GeodatabaseSyncTask.CreateAsync(new Uri(syncUrl));
var syncParameters = await gdbSyncTask.CreateDefaultSyncGeodatabaseParametersAsync(gdb);
syncParameters.GeodatabaseSyncDirection = syncDirection;


Anyone else experiencing this?  We are using the workflow where the geodatabase replica is generated and clients download and register it using RegisterGeodbaseAsync.


I have a simple repro app if anyone from Esri wants to take a look.