Federatin a HA gisserver site to a HA portal

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I am running into issues when trying to federate a HA gisserver site (2 server deployment) to a HA portal.


The HA gisserver site was setup with S1 and S2, these were joined and webadaptors for both giiservers were installed. I have read, that the webadaptors was not necessary in the case of federation, but it has already been installed. Do I need to remove these?

The gisserver urls for service and admin for both gisserver resolves in a browser.

( https://S1.domain.com/arcgis & https://S1.domain.com:6443/arcgis; https://S2.domain.com/arcgis & https://S2.domain.com:6443/arcgis  => all resolves in a browser)


Furthermore the HA portal was setup using p1 and p2 and these were joined. w1 and w2 were installed. Context name is portal.

Microsoft Loadbalancer is used to setup LB1. The webcontexturl was set in portaladmin to point to LB1 (https://LB1.domain.com/portal)


The portal home and admin page resolves.

https://LB1.domain.com/portal and https://LB1.domain.com/portal/portaladmin


The requirement is to have the HA gisserver site federated to the HA portal and set this as a hosting server.

These are the steps which were taken:

1.  A second loadbalancer (LB2) was setup, using Microsoft LB. (is practically setup just the same as LB1)

2. In portaladmin the PrivatePortalURL was set to point to the second loadbalancer (https://LB2.domain.com:7443/portal


I now need to federate the HA gisserversite, but I need a Service URL and Admin URL to point to where both S1 and S2 are accessible in the event one of these fails.


So I used the following to federate within https://LB1.domain.com/portal/home:

Service URL => https://LB1.domain.com/arcgis

Service Admin URL => https://LB1.domain.com:6443/arcgis


Both of them resolves in a browser, but federation just returns an error stating that https://LB1.domain.com:6443/arcgis is not accessible.


Port# 6443 & 7443 has also been set in Windows firewall as inbound and outbound rule.


What am I missing?

I am attaching some screenshots for clarification..