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Edit hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro as owner

Question asked by fannonj on May 18, 2018
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I've published a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online which is not editable. I can make edits to this as the owner of the service within ArcGIS Online, either via the Data tab or via the map viewer with editing enabled. However, when I open the same hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro when signed in as the owner, I cannot edit the features or tables within.


When I check the Status on the Edit tab the layers and tables from the feature service are listed under noneditable with the message "Layer is not editable, unknown error".


I was expecting as the owner, that I should be able to edit the hosted feature service like I can in ArcGIS Online, so why is this not possible?


I know the features can be edited through the REST API or via python, but surely it makes sense that I should also be able to edit the feature service as the owner through ArcGIS Pro.