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How can we get Python to work in ArcMap 10.4?

Question asked by kwchung2 on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by kwchung2

Hi everyone,


So! Our desktop systems are centrally managed; we don't have local admin access on them. We have ArcMap 10.4, and the systems come with a 64-bit Anaconda installed. My suspicion is that these are conflicting somehow. Details:


* When we launch the Python window from the toolbar, entering any command immediately crashes ArcMap.

* When we try to run a toolbox, Check Syntax raises errors. When trying to import arcpy, these errors pertain to importing multiarray from numpy; we can also have it show sys.path which includes stuff from our Anaconda installation -- not what we want, I'm sure.

* %PYTHONPATH% is not set

* When running the Python or IDLE from the ArcGIS command window, however, we seem to get a normally-functioning python. sys.path only sees stuff from our ArcGIS installation and importing numpy and arcpy works just fine.

* sys.executable in the start menu python points to C:\Python27ARCGIS...\python.exe, while the one from ArcMap points to c:\Program Files (x86)\...\arcmap.exe


So! I'm confused as to why the Python launched straight from ArcMap and the ones launched from the start menu work so differently. I'm not sure where the ArcMap one is getting information about our anaconda installation, or how to tell it to stop doing that.


Any advice would be helpful; we'd like to use python and this is totally broken.