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Select_Multiple Relevant in Survey123: Follow up questions for only answers selected

Question asked by kevinbrock on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by LanceCole

I am creating a Flow Monitoring Field Maintenance Log for data collected on various pipes. There are several different regions in the pipe a user can select from a list, and from there, depending on which pipe areas they chose, the

corresponding discharge "D" values will appear.


For example, a user can select regions "T1, T3, M1, and B2", doing this will make the corresponding text boxes appear for only those choices. It would look something like this. 

T1_D __________

T3_D __________

M1_D __________

B2_D __________


I have read up on the article "The Art of Hiding, The art of hiding , and used every suggestion listed, but nothing seemed to have work. 


I have tried selected(${select_multiple}, '1') OR selected (${select_multiple}, '2') ,(I repeat this step 7 more times)

and I have replace the OR in the previous line with AND, still no progress. The selected option seems to keep the field it is attached to visible at all times on the survey, but I want the "_D" fields to be invisible until selected by the user.