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How to identify facades?

Question asked by probosciger on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by probosciger

Hello. I have very simple rule for facade splitting:

Building -->
    front:    FrontFacade    |
    back:    BackFacade    |
    left:    LeftFacade    |
    right:    RightFacade    |
    top:    Roof        |
    bottom:    NIL            }

FrontFacade -->
    split(y){GroundFloor_Height : GroundFloor | {TypicFloor_Height : TypicFloor}* | TechFloor_Height : TechFloor}


As you can see I want to split Front Facade (I mean main street facade) But CityEngine confuses facades. CE splits not FrontFacades. How to correct identify facades facades?