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Feature req/bug: Attached images not saved in exported KMZ

Question asked by NZGeoCAD on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Xiaoxu_Li-esristaff

If creating a point, then attaching an image (file) via the 'Properties' popup, and then exporting that file the following happens:

a) The output kmz does not include that image in the 'files' subfolder (after changing .kmz to .zip to inspect contents) and the size of the kmz reflects that (i.e. a few KB versus say, a couple of MB if including a photo)

b) the doc.kml references the image, but that reference is incorrect. (i.e.![CDATA[ <img src='files/xxxxx.jpg'>]].

xxxx.jpg is not the original filename of the image and that file is not present in the files subdirectory. This is especially frustrating as this means I can't even write a python script to load the images or update the doc.kml (?!)


Can functionality be added so that

1) Images are saved into exported KMZ (like Google Earth did)

2) That option is selectable between saving inline local files into KMZ and not (to avoid unwanted situations where inline images blow out the size of the kmz without the user realizing)


KML/KMZ is a great format for commonly digested simple geodata- Clients are readily available and the format is well understood and symbology is included. By including local files, the user can package up a bunch of geo data and associated documents in one place.


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