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Position displacement comparing ESRI Basemaps

Question asked by Foothillforestry on May 20, 2018
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In ArcMap 10.5.1 I am accessing two orthoimagery basemaps from ESRI online--one is the World Imagery the other is a state orthoimagery dataset being hosted by ESRI online. I also have downloaded tiles of the state orthoimagery. 


I noticed that there are positional differences when comparing the two web map serviced layers--the image shifts about 10 feet when displaying one versus the other.  The tile and web map versions of the state orthoimagery have identical positioning.


I would be surprised that this would be normal to have such a displacement in position. What could be causing this issue and how would I either fix it or at least know which data set is causing the issue?  I need to use the state ortho as it is leaf-off and a higher resolution but I am wondering if something may be wrong with its data.