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Is it possible for multiple surveys to update the same record on the same feature service?

Question asked by Ecologist_Guy on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Ecologist_Guy

I am using multiple surveys because I need to monitor endangered turtle nests throughout the entire incubation period from when they are laid until the hatchlings emerge. One survey is used to document the nests when they are first laid, one is used to document events that happen during incubation (e.g. depredation, poaching, washouts), and a final survey is used to document hatch success data. I saw that it is possible to run multiple surveys on the same feature service. I use Workforce to populate the subsequent surveys with a unique ID field, however the subsequent surveys create a new record instead of appending to the existing record. Is there a way make them append based on a unique ID field.  Or, should I have each survey populate its own feature service and then join the tables later?


Thanks for your help.