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Manual Spatial Adjustment

Question asked by jeaguilar110 on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by jeaguilar110

I have inherited data converted from CAD to Shapefile without spatial references, which was then spatially adjusted manually. This data is being loaded into an server for company use and future collaboration with other community entities. While some of the data loads exactly where it's supposed to be, other's tend to land outside my boundaries.  I have loaded in with the correct projection without much change, except for a few features here and there.  The one thing I keep noticing is the extents of these features are not quite right.  What are the consequences of allowing this data to be used, damaged or distributed. I am trying to present my boss with the idea the data should be properly recollected the biggest draw here is time and money.  Any recommendations on fixing the data or selling the idea of recollecting the data?  Any help would be greatly appreciate it.