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Server Federating- through 6443 or Adaptor with Admin access?

Question asked by Szymon.Piskula_WoodMacOnline on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by JQuinn-esristaff

Hello Portal Experts,


I am wondering what is the difference when it comes to Federating a Highly Available AGS Site through their load balancers. For HA Server



-https://<ags-lb-host>/<webadaptor> with Admin access enabled on the web adaptor

Is there any advantage of one over the other (apart from the need to expose admin access?)


For HA Portal

Likewise, when specifying privatePortalURL on one hand it could be 



-https://<ptl-lb-host>/<webadaptor> with Admin access enabled on the web adaptor

Considering this post:

Portal privatePortalUrl and Federation Admin Url from Cloud Builder deployment 

And the remark around setting of X-Forwarded-Host ,it seems its in some cases to easier to set 

privatePortalUrl to be the same as WebContextURL ?


If I am in a scenario where i expose Admin access on my webadaptors would it still be better to federate over 7443/6443?