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Collector saving sign-in info on multi-user Android devices

Question asked by klosch@nps.gov_nps on May 17, 2018

We are seeing an issue where after a user signs out completely from Collector, the next login attempt accesses the previous account information. Is this a known bug? Is it a Collector issue or device issue? Its a huge security concern for us. We have lots of employees accessing these shared devices under their individual AGOL accounts. 


Device: Samsung S9, Note8

Process: from maps window > settings button > Settings > Switch account > Remove


Update: Clearing the app storage from the device works. (although this should be a cache item in my mind) but this is only a work around. Looks like ESRI should fix this issue and prevent login info from being saved after logging out of the app.

Process: Device Settings > Apps > Collector > Storage > Clear Data