Announcing:   New Map Widget for ArcGIS, IBM iWidget Specification

Discussion created by jolimpio-esristaff Employee on Feb 4, 2011
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We are pleased to announce the release of both executable and source code for the Map Widget for ArcGIS.   This new code sample is a mapping component based on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript that adheres to IBM's iWidget Specification

The new Map Widget accomplishes two important milestones:  (1) Esri mapping technology and access to ArcGIS Online map content is now available to Java developers who subscribe to the IBM iWidget specification and/or use IBM development tools such as WebSphere Portal and Lotus Mashup Center.  And, (2), this Widget provides Java developers with a new extensibility pathway to the Esri JSAPI, opening up even greater GIS functionality to composite appdev.

This Widget allows you to add mapping and GIS analytical capabilities to composite applications.  This download includes an optimized compiled widget war file ready for deployment, user documentation, and license text.  This is the application download and intended for users of the Map Widget for ArcGIS as-is.  Developers can obtain the source code released under Open Source using the Apache License, Version 2 directly from ArcGIS Online.  

The Map Widget is also placed into and available at the IBM Widget library at IBM Lotus Greenhouse.

We appreciate giving this new Widget a try, and welcome any and all comments on use, applicability, your additional needs, etc.