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GeoEvent Inbound Connector 'Receive JSON from AWS IoT Gateway' is unable to read device's certificate and private key files

Question asked by Pratyush.Kolliesriindia-esridist Employee on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Pratyush.Kolliesriindia-esridist

I'm trying to use the AWS IoT Input Connector 'Receive JSON from AWS IoT Gateway' to receive values from my AWS IoT Device (which is registered as a Thing on AWS IoT).


Upon launching this Input Connector, it crashes with the following error:


Upon inspecting the Log file in the system with GeoEvent installed, the following error statement is being generated:


The file paths for the Certificate file and the Private Key have been provided to the Input Connector.


Are there any additional steps required, besides creating the Input Connector, to make this AWS IoT GeoEvent Input connector work?