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Survey123 Repeats Issue

Question asked by gisninja on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by gisninja
  I ran into an issue with a Survey with repeats and am wondering if anyone has seen this.  I published a Survey directly to Portal and have 3 repeats in the Survey.  When the survey published the related tables for the repeats were set up using a rowid field and a parentrowid field which are both guids.  I am now seeing that the rowid guid field is maintained by the database but when a user opens a Sent survey and copies to a new survey the rowid is duplicated.  The result is non unique row ids being populated in my related tables and features relating to records that they should not be.  Everything looks good in Suvey123 if you view the survey in Sent Items, but if you look at the data in a web map you see a record that should have 3 related records have 50.
Sidenote: The data also has a GlobalID field and the database is maintaining this with unique values, the copy does not seem to affect this field.  
I can fix this by reviewing the surveys last edit date, I have about 100 to go through, but how can i fix moving forward?