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Link shapefiles to autoupdate each other

Question asked by stretton on May 16, 2018
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I have a master point shapefile with 300+ entries. These entries have data categories that I want to break out into subsets from which to make specific maps. My question relates to being able to efficiently correct or add geographic locations and data entries on those points. Is there a way to link all the shape files together so that I can correct a geographic position or data in the master point file and have it update the other subsets of the original 300+ entry shapefile? For example lets say that 45 of the entries in the master file are marked "Blue" and I make a new shapefile that includes only the items marked "Blue". At some point I realize that 15 of those "Blue" locations are incorrect and I want to make the correction in the master file and have it automatically change the "Blue" subset so that I only need to make the correction once and not reexport the "Blue" subset everytime I need make corrections.