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Full recovery from webgisdr backup to new rebuild environment

Question asked by Szymon.Piskula_WoodMacOnline on May 16, 2018
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Im working on a recovery plan with use of webgisdr. In case of some major corruption, would it be possible to recreate a big-ish complex GIS Site once the basic environment nodes are rebuilt/reconfigured? I am thinking about a scenario where all machines are lost  (for example we delete/lose whole AWS account with all that was in it). Then they all are rebuild with Chef to the point that all URLs/DNS names are restored. But in  case of rebuild individual machine names do change. Does it matter for the webgisdr? The site has:

-HA Portal

-Federated Server Site(2boxes)

-Hosting Federated Server Site(2boxes)

-Relational DataStore(primary+standby)

-TileCache DataStore(primary+standby)


In case of such disaster recovery im wondering how 'far' does the rebuild have to go before i run webgisdr to restore. Will it be enough just to regenerate 'skeleton' of the GIS Platform?


How does the webgisdr interact with SAML providers ? Does the backup contain SAML info? Or do i need to configure it? In that case when - before or after the restore?