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Image quality poor when building cached basemap.

Question asked by Sandpoint on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by Sandpoint

arc procached servicestiled basemap


I have a high resolution imagery set 6" per pixel that I would like to create a basemap from.  The resulting tile service looks good until you zoom out to between the 1:1000 and the 1:5000 scale.  At this point the edges get very jagged.  Do I need to insert another scale value? say 1:2500? would that allow it to still work well with other cached data or would I need to have all the reference layers cached with the same set of scales?  


In writing the question I'm betting I do need to add a scale value to get the quality I want at that zoom level.  The biggest question now is what impact would customizing the scale values have to the responsiveness of other tiled layers  displayed on that basemap?