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How can I get data without false Easting to have false Easting?

Question asked by m.schneider989 on May 16, 2018
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I have data in a File-GDB, that has originally no projection (it came from importing a CAD-file).

The coordinates of the data seem to be in the UTM33N Zone, and that's also what the GDB should be finally in.

But its coordinate all have a leading '5' in their Easting, but the 'WGS 1984 UTM Zone 33N' (WKID 32633) has a false Easting of 500000. (Coordinate in GDB: 33N 5553197 5921595; Target Coordinate in UTM 33N: 33N 553197 5921595)

Basically, I have to get rid of the leading '5' in the Eastings.

I already tried copying the original UTM33N Definition and setting the false Easting to 0, but it changed nothing, the data still is displayed far right of its intented place.


Does anybody know how to deal with this?