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ArcGis for Desktop Versions vs ArcGIS Engine versions

Question asked by deleted-user-l__poa7CURkm on May 17, 2018
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This is my first GeoNet post.I hope it isn't too basic.


My organisation uses an third party application which uses ArcGIS Engine 10.4.1 as the core software for its mapping componnt.  I currently use ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Desktop to prepare spatial datasets for use within this third party application. I don't know much about ArcGIS Engine, but I assume that it is a component of the ArcGIS for Desktop installation?.


A colleague of mine has recently upgraded to ArcGIS Desktop 10.6, which presumably includes ArcGIS Engine 10.6 as part of the install. My colleague can no longer prepare datasets for the third party application. I think that this is due to the lack of compatibility between the third party application and ArcGIS Engine 10.6.


My question is this. What is the highest version of ArcGIS for Desktop that still uses ArcGIS Engine 10.4.1? Is it ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4.1 itself? Or are the versioning numbers of Desktop and engine completely separate things?


My reason for this query is that if possible I would like to upgrade to a newer version of ArcGIS for Desktop, but this is a slow process that involves putting calls through to our Digital Services dept. I would like to be sure I'm not going to break something that works ok for now and have to roll back to the version I'm currently on.  


I hope that someone can help me with tis query.