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Composite Locator

Question asked by kcleeesrisingapore-com-sg-esridist Employee on May 15, 2018
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I have setup a postal (zip code) geocoder, and a geocoder by building names. From there on created a composite locator from both of them. Published to my 10.6 server and added it to Portal (federated and hosted on ArcGIS Data Store) via utility services.


Drag and drop a csv onto the map in Enterprise. Tried to geocode using building names and succeed. Drag and drop again to geocode by postal, but unable to locate postal codes.


"Error: The layer was not created because no locations could be found. Make sure your data has valid location information"


Went on to publish the postal geocoder by itself to the server, and added it to Portal. Drag and drop csv using the postal locator (not composite) and it managed to geocode the results.


Does Enterprise supports composite locator? Or are there similar issues faced?