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TOC disabled when Window opens

Question asked by devonc1301 on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by devonc1301

I have an ArcGIS Pro button add-in that opens a WPF window when clicked. If I wrap the OnClick handler code in QueuedTask.Run() the CIM works and I'm able to pan/zoom in the map view, but the TOC is still disabled.


I would like the user to be able to turn layers on/off and move the order around while the window is open. How might I enable this? When I use a dockpane this seems to be automatic but now I'm opening a (non-ArcGIS) WPF window.


internal class ShowExporterWindow : Button
    ExporterWindow window;

    protected override void OnClick()
        QueuedTask.Run(() => {
            window = new ExporterWindow();