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Recovering an unresponsive GeoEventServer

Question asked by rasmush on May 16, 2018

We have a GeoEventServer running in our production environment for approx 4 months now. Everything working just great until last week when an unexpected shutdown incident of the machine hosting the virtual machine where the GES was running. I suspect that the GES server was shut down "hard".

Environment: Windows 2012, 64 Bit 

GeoEvent Server: 10.5.1

GES federated with Portal: Yes

ArcGIS Server on same machine: Yes - 10.5.1


The service is up and seems to be running fine, but when we connect to it in a browser the "no service was found" is returned.

All the GeoEvent output services are present - but they cannot be connected to.


The question is: 

Hos do I get the GES "fixed" without loosing all the geoevent definitions and services that I have made over the last 4 months?

Unfortunately restoring an older copy of the machine is NOT an option (for reasons outside my control - and much to my surprise)


Multiple restarts have been tried to no avail...


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