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Query regarding raster data analysis of multiple years

Question asked by nikunj.jambu on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by nikunj.jambu
Greetings, everyone! Let me first introduce myself. I am Nikunj and I currently work on the GIS aspect of a bird species in India. I am familiar with basic Arcgis functions, but completely new to working with raster data and its analysis.
Here is a snapshot of my project:
The bird species I work with is the Sarus crane, which mainly inhabits wetlands and agricultural fields. It predominantly breeds in paddy (rice) fields. 
Over the years, there is a shift in cropping from paddy to other cash crops. Also noted was a decline in the Sarus crane population. My task in this project is to take all historical Sarus crane sighting and current field data. Then, I need to correlate them with raster images of the corresponding year of the bird sightings (from 1973 till date). My team and I are trying to develop a correlation between the decrease in paddy cultivation (crop shift) to the decline in crane population. So what I have to do is this take raster images of many years and analyse them with bird sightings. We are planning to use fragstat, along with ArcGIS and Erdas. I have been researching a lot on various websites and reading research papers. However, still there is a lot of ambiguity pertaining to the methodology.
So, what we have done is this:
We have divided the entire state into 10 km X 10 km grids.
We have downloaded landsat raster images from various years (the ones where we have Sarus crane sighting record).
We want to analyse the change in paddy cultivation shift over the years and develop a correlation to decline in Sarus crane population. We are also going to use fragstat.
Now, my supervisor wants the analysis done gridwise ( ie 10km X10 km). So my question here is this:
Is there a process or script/tool which allows me to do analysis gridwise?
Also, I need to extract information form vector files too. For example, extract the length of road network per grid. 
Being completely new to working with raster images. I would appreciate if someone can direct me to the correct path.