Vary a line's thickness and display the value of three different attribute fields proportionate to the total

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I am having a little trouble finding the solution to a cartographic issue.


Example - I have a stream line that has total phosphorous loading and the contributing factors. In this case there are three loading sources: Urban, Agriculture and Point Source. I want the total thickness of the line to be representative of the Total Phosphorous loading. I want this line to be comprised of three other lines of varying thickness, showing the relative contribution of the three load sources.


To summarize, the end line would be tri-colored,  3 layers of varying thickness, each layer thickness is proportionate to it's contribution to that stream, and the total thickness of the resulting line proportionate to the sum of the three (total phosphorus load).


Is this possible to do in ArcMap symbology? Or will I have to explore another option? I have tried doing this in QGIS with no great success. I was curious if anybody has ever tried anything like this and knew any tips or not. I can upload some sample data if anybody would like.


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