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photo attachments for two surveys look different in the popup menus in Pro

Question asked by LBerni@slco.org_slco on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

I just noticed something odd when viewing Survey123 response data in ArcGIS Pro. I added the points from two different surveys via Portal. Both have photo attachments, but viewing the photos in the popup menus is different. The StabilityPoints survey points popups look just like they do in AGOL, with clickable links to the photos. For the FieldParameters survey, the photos are tiny, scrollable thumbnails (see attached screenshot).  I can't figure how to open the photos to actually see them (in Pro)!  Not sure if it matters, but the StabilityPoints has a geopoint question, FieldParameters does not.

Is it something I did?