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ArcGIS Pro ValueTable Value Lists optional

Question asked by ea.geomatics.admin on May 14, 2018



I have a ValueTable in a custom geoprocessing tool with a number of Value Lists. In the example image provide the value list 'Point Cloud Format' has 3 options: Tiles, Mosaic or Flightlines however it may also be appropriate to leave this field blank/null on some occasions. Currently the tool will not execute without 1 of the three options being chosen (see 2nd image).


If I didn't have this in a ValueTable and just as a standard parameter I could have this as an optional not required field so it could be left blank. Is it possible to have a value list in a ValueTable as an optional field and not required? I could as a work around have the option of 'Null' included and set this as a default but it's not an ideal solution