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Auditing Multi-User Geodatabase

Question asked by Adityaraj on May 13, 2018



We have ArcGIS 10.4.1 with multi-user (ArcSDE) geodatabase setup with Oracle 11g R2. Currently, we have setup a versioning in the geodatabase with all our data registered as Versioned. For sake of simplicity and geodatabase management considerations, we have kept the versioning tree flat with 24 user versions under the Default version. Also, following standard best practices recommended by Esri, we have geodatabase maintenance which includes Compression, rebuilding indexes on system and user tables, updating statistics on system and user tables running on a weekly basis. 


Like many organizations around the world, we value our GIS data. Our goal is that each power user editing the data should be hold accountable for any action that jeopardizes the GIS data. For example, deleting large number of records intentionally/unintentionally  which causes major data loss which negatively affects the business operations.  


Perhaps, we can achieve the above goal by setting up default auditing at the Oracle Database level. But, is there any way we can setup auditing functionality at the geodatabase level? We understand that Archiving functionality in the Multi-user geodatabase allows a mechanism keep the history of feature and preserving the data changes. After testing the above functionality, we found that it does track the entire history of a feature within a separate table but importantly does not track the user who deletes the record/feature last. We are looking for functionality that can setup Auditing at the geodatabase level which allows geodatabase administrator to quickly identify the user who deleted any record/feature within the current setup.


Any guidance in the subject matter will be highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.