USGS National Map Basemap

Discussion created by tebarnard on May 14, 2018

I see this question has been asked before.  It never gets answered. I am running ArcGIS Online.


In the opening view of My Map (before I have loaded anything) I try to switch the basemap to USGS National Map and get the message that it is not available  so I click on OK.


When I try to load one of my existing maps that uses the USGS National Map. I get the same note that it is unavailable and ArcGIS is switching to my default basemap.  It doesn't.  I am unable to edit the existing map.


When I share a map with the USGS National Map to the public users get a note requesting them to log in.


Is the something I can do to set the default basemap in ArcGIS ?  Can't ArcGIS simply switch to another publicly available basemap?


Running Win 7 (and 8.1) in IE 11 and Chrome.