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Exclude values in the field caclulator

Question asked by CGeissler on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by GSCUser85

I´m sure this is a simple problem, but I fail again and again:


I´ve a number of values in the attribute table which show the difference in WindVelocity between to claculations:


Now I´m trying to populate a new field in which all values between -0,2 and 0,2 are excluded e.g. they should be 0. All others should remain the same


def Reclass(Diff_abs):


 if (Diff_abs >= -0,2 and Diff_abs <= 0,2):
    return 0
   return Diff_abs


Reclass( !Diff_abs! )



In result the calculation is successflul but every field gets an 0. What am I doing wrong?