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Default Author on ArcGIS Online

Question asked by dalejs on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by dalejs

Hi, just getting going with ArcGIS Online.  I am a member in a group, not the Administrator and I do not have any Administrator privileges.

I am creating Map Applications for my group and I am working with the Print Widget.

I am using Default Layout:  Letter ANSI A Landscape.

I have two questions:

1.  Is there a way to change the font size of the Default Author that prints on the lower right corner of the page?

2.  I have set the title of the Default Author and it appears on the lower right corner of the page, along with a string of text under the Default Author that I did not set/enter and I cannot find any where in all the settings that has the same string of text.

The string of text is the name of our office, but not how we want it to appear on the map.  The Default Author that I have entered is how we want the name of our office displayed.

So it shows two Default Authors basically.


Since the map is going through the internal print routine, it is possible that there is a setting on the Administrator side that says all maps printed from each specific group will have the Default Author set to the group name, with the group name being set by the Administrator?


The Administrator is out of the office for a set time, and we are the first group starting to work with ArcGIS online.  So we are on the learning curve.


Thank you for your time.  Dale,