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Can you use Find Nearest Facility inside of 3D maps?

Question asked by olsond on May 10, 2018

My application is to be able to take the 3d building information and then use FNF to locate the nearest facility. For example, say I have printers scattered around a building. When I assign an employee to an office, I'd like to be able to assign them to the two closest printers to them (by walking distance, not straight-line).


Taking that a bit further, I can then generate a map for a new employee showing him/her/it (gotta be PC!) the location of the printers, bathrooms, breakroom, etc. - those 'facilities' that are closest to the employee's office/cube/work area.


However, FNF would need to understand that I want to find the closes printer by walking distance; if I have a building with 7 floors, how would FNF 'stay' on the same floor as the employee office (by default); going to an adjacent floor only if no facility was found?


Alternatively, I'd like to take the user data from my printers and map out where those users are in a building, then evaluate the best location for printers....