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Update Schema/Domains in Runtime Geodatabase

Question asked by ArborBandricks on May 11, 2018

I am trying to add a new domain value to an enterprise GDB that has a service published against it. We have several (and we will have many more - hundreds) of replicas from that service that are used on mobile devices and PCs that will be offline, edited, and then synced back. When I add a new domain, I see the changes when I query the feature service, but I do not see the new domain values in the runtime geodatabase after syncing. It appears that schema/domain changes do not come down with the sync offline geodatabase task. I cannot create a new replica after every change because that would require multiple people to stop their work, wait while they create a full - new replica (these are large GDBs, so the sync takes a while) and then we have the problem of removing/unregistering the old replica (not ideal for a simple domain addition). 


I found this question also asked on github with no answer: schema changes for runtime geodatabase replicas · Issue #134 · Esri/runtime-questions · GitHub 


Does esri have a way to handle this workflow? It seems pretty basic to update a domain value without needing to recreate the whole runtime geodatabase for such a simple change.  


Thanks for any assistance