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LocalLayer widget in WAB v2.8

Question asked by gkmcbride on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by drackleyad

Has anyone had any luck getting LocalLayer widget to work in any version higher than 2.5?  I see the latest version of the locallayer widget is v2.5 and wondering if that version is intended to match the WAB version?  When following the steps on WAB 2.8 I cannot get it to load from the default.  However, loading the widget to an app that was already created in (WAB 2.8) i am able to get the widget to load and also connect to rest services correctly.  The problem is that now the data loads but it hoses all the other widgets and WAB.  I was just wondering if anyone has ran across this or knows of any plans/workaround to use in a later version of Web Appbuilder.