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WMTS and 4.7 API

Question asked by PrillLake on May 10, 2018

I have a WMTS service (from Pictometry) that I'm trying to add to my application.  My code is the following:  



layer = new WMTSLayer({
url: "****-****-*****/wmts",
id: "********",
title: "Pictometry"




I'm getting a 404 from Pictometry's service.  This service is set up using the GoogleMapsCompatible schema.  The issue is the URL being formed by the API and sent to the WMTS server is using the wrong Level-of-Detail or TILEMATRIX.  Instead of using the levelValue  (.tileMatrixSet.lods[0].levelValue), its using the level id (.tileMatrixSet.lods[0].level)


The request being sent is:*******/wmts/******/default/GogleMapsCompatible/5/10398/23600.png


The request that should be sent is:*******/wmts/******/default/GogleMapsCompatible/16/10398/23600.png


Any thoughts on how to resolve this?