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How do I show a Popup?

Question asked by scastrianni on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by 25394

In the latest 100.2.1 for Xamarin.Forms, how do I show a popup?  I see that the map view has a show callout, but no show popup.  I see that I can define my popup per layer with popupdefinition, but I see no way to actually show the UI for the popup.  I have search many different posts, and this answer is not clear.  Some show examples of a customized callout with a table of labels and properties, but it may have been WPF only??  I am looking for a Xamarin.Forms solution.  I saw an ESRI response saying that displaying the popup UI is app specific and you are on your own, but that was over 1 year ago.  I would respond with, it should not be 100% app specific.  Sure the content of the popup UI is app specific, but the showing of it and anchoring it to the map so when I pan, the popup pans with it, and the leader graphic that points to the feature that was clicked should all be handled by ESRI.


If this is not yet supported in the Xamarin.Forms version, then please be clear and say so and also reveal if there are plans to add this and when.  Thanks.