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Survey123: Can I calculate a field value based on a previous record item in a repeated field?

Question asked by BrittanyBankovich on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by tim.tapp_BigRivers

I am creating a survey for sea turtle surveys, and I have repeated fields for each animal. There is weather/sargassum patch information associated with each turtle that is captured. Often multiple turtles are captured in the same sargassum patch and under the same weather conditions. Is there a way to frame a calculation statement so that the weather/sargassum information can be automatically carried over to the next entry (from the first in a list of repeated fields) to save time in the field? The way I currently have it produces an error because it's a circular reference (photo attached). Ideally, I would like the second observation (turtle) to default to the first, but I am not sure how to code this or if it's even possible. Thank you!survey123_example_xlsform