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"Error 1003: Operation rolled back" on new version 2.7.98 but works in 2.5.44

Question asked by christac on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by christac

Published a from in Connect v2.7.22, I hadn't updated the user version though, so when I submitted dummy record it worked fine in app v2.5.44.

Then a user reported the rollback error and so when I downloaded the latest version (2.7.98) to both my phone and desktop, I got the same rollback error.

Is there a reason this will work in an older app version but not the latest? I've seen previous post on this error msg and it was related to data type mismatches or possibly some network issues. Is it possible that the newer version is less-lenient and so some mistake that I made in the data or form structure was previously getting thru but now can't with the stricter implementation in v2.7.98?