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Match table matching too many files

Question asked by recurvata on May 9, 2018

I'm having a problem correctly generating a match file for a folder of pdfs. The pdfs all have numeric file names - 10.pdf, 58.pdf, 586.pdf, 587.pdf, etc. The feature class where the files are getting attached has a field, TxtSt, that contains the name of the pdfs without the .pdf extension - 10, 58, 586, 587, etc. Not every pdf will necessarily match with a value in TxtSt.

When I run the Generate Match Table tool, it creates the match table. The problem is that if the value of TxtSt is 58, the tool is also matching 586, 587, and so on. It's as if the match process uses a wildcard - 58*, for example - to match anything beginning with that value.

I don't know if this is an error on my part or in the tool, but any advice on how to just make exact matches would be appreciated.