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Converting to esri web appbuilder from google map

Question asked by ibrahimgiki on May 8, 2018

Hi all,

I need some suggestions/advise. I have some data (points and polylines in geojson format) and developed a
web module having google map. I am plotting all this data on google map and doing some analysis.

i have used javascript, jquery, ajax, html and MySQL.

Now i am thinking to do the same in esri web app-builder, but i am new to esri web appbuilder so
having some questions.


1. Is it a better option to convert to esri web appbuilder?

2. Will i have to upload my data on esri server i-e or will it serve on my own server
(actually i am asking about the security of data)


3. Is there any built-in API's/support in esri web appbuilder to do analysis on data.


4. Can i serve my website on my own server or will have to use the esri server  

* By analysis i mean e-g to find whether two polygons are overlapping or not.
  OR to calculate the area of a polygon etc.


please help me.. thanks in advance