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How to place alt text in openstreetmap image url?

Question asked by amit2006355 on May 8, 2018


I am new to arcgis. I am using ArcGis WebApp Builder to create apps.I am looking for a solution ie how to place alt text in openstreetmap image url.

We can see the alt text is null in this code below.

How can we add?


<div id="map_root" class="esriMapContainer">
<div id="map_container" class="esriMapContainer">
<div id="map_layers" class="esriMapLayers">
<div id="map_OpenStreetMap">
<img id="map_OpenStreetMap_tile_8_0_0" alt=" " class="layerTile" src="">
<img id="map_OpenStreetMap_tile_8_1_0" alt=" " class="layerTile" src="">
<img id="map_OpenStreetMap_tile_8_2_0" alt=" " class="layerTile" src="">


Please Help.