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Retrieve logged in user + role from AGOL

Question asked by brett1989 on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by brett1989

HI Guys


Hope you are well.


I am wondering of someone could assist me or point me into a direction, perhaps someone has done this before but I have not gotten much info on it just yet.


I have a 3rd party system I wrote using .net. This system is has a link in the organizational online portal to it and on the feature class as well. Although I need to grab the user that has logged in via their online portal in .NET.


Any ideas how to access the token from the server side as the user lands in the 3rd party system? Using in the backend.


Also by grabbing the token, I see in JS it gives the user + role but like I said I need to grab it on the system load and store it perhaps somewhere?


Any ideas would be helpful