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Connecting Garmin Bluetooth GPS unit to ArcMap 10.5 on laptop

Question asked by schist_happens on May 7, 2018

Hello All,


We have recently upgraded to 10.5 and have subsequently lost the use of live GPS tracking while in the field. Previously we were using DNR Garmin with 10.2 to map crop parcels through ArcMap on a laptop, but now DNR Garmin is no longer compatible with 10.5. We purchased a newer Garmin unit with bluetooth (64s), in order to hopefully connect the unit to our laptop through a virtual comm port, as out laptop does not have a comm port. 


Questions to the community:

1. Can there be a bluetooth connection with 10.5 from the Garmin unit without the need for additional software?

2. If a virtual comm emulator software is required, to whom do you recommend?

3. Is there an easier way of using a Garmin gps unit for live tracking in the field with a laptop?


Many, many thanks.




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