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Raster in MapViewer offline

Question asked by Galadir2 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by MervynLotter

Hi, in AppStudio I´m creating application based on Map Viewer template. I need to create offline maps with raster map, but when I add MMPK with raster data, the map in application doesn´t work.

I tried adding the raster as geoTIFF, as JPEG and also as a tile package. With TIFF and JPEG, the map does not load at all, with TPK is the map working correctly, but the package does not show up between the layers.

How can I add a raster to the MMPK, to make the app work? Is it at all possible in MapViewer?

Vector layers normally work and outside of Appstudio I also work without problems with the test rasters. 

Thanks, and sorry for my English