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Has anybody written end-user Help content for WAB apps?

Question asked by dgemoets on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by andrescastillo08

Not sure if this should be a "question" or a "discussion," but it ends with a question mark, so...


Anyway, we're looking to deploy a public-facing app built with the WAB-- mostly out-of-the-box behavior, based on WAB 2.5.  The problem is that while these OOTB apps are great for GIS folks, for the average person, the UI is a bit hard-to-use.  We faced the same problem back in the FlexViewer days-- we ended up customizing the OOTB FlexViewer quite a bit, and still needed to write some decent help text for end-users.  (Insert joke about users never reading help text...)


Has anybody tried to address this for WAB apps?  Is there any well-written, plain language help text to describe the basic WAB app UI and some of the basic widgets?  I realize this is probably a longshot, but I can't possibly be the only user who thinks WAB apps aren't quite usable enough for non-GIS folks.  Does anybody have any help content to share?


BTW, in my search of the GeoNet, the closest thing I found was a two-year-old blog post, but the URL therein that links to the help content/sandbox is forbidden (403).