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Update part of a large multi field (ESRI) raster with values from a smaller area updated multi field raster

Question asked by SimonWebster.QFES on May 4, 2018

How can I update a portion of a raster with multiple fields in the table with another overlaying, updated raster with the same fields? The Raster contains ObjectID, Value, Count, and additionally: Field_1, Field_2, Field_3, Field_4

Using ArcMap 10.3, with spatial analyst extension.

I have two rasters. One covers several hundred square kilometres and contains the original data values of interest. We can call this OriginalRaster. I have a second raster that covers several dozen square kilometres, and has updated values, in columns with the same names. We can call this UpdatedRaster.

Any nulls have been treated to be 0, but we can safely assume all cells contain whole numeric values.

Both rasters have been created using the same coordinate system, and both were created to a snapraster, with the same cell size.

What I'd like to wind up with is a third raster that:

  • Where UpdatedRaster exists, and overlays (all of it will overlay) OriginalRaster, the values from the UpdatedRaster are used
  • Where UpdatedRaster is not present, the values from OriginalRaster are used.

I've tried along the lines of:

Con(UpdatedRaster > 0, UpdatedRaster, OriginalRaster) 

And a number of variants thereof.

I also thought I'd be tricky and try to combine the rasters such that I wind up with all the fields from each raster, then use field calculator to say where UpdatedRasterField > 0 then OriginalRasterField = UpdatedRasterField, but that didn't work for me either.